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Share your products and philosophy. Online video is the new TV, only with more choice. We live in a visual culture where seeing is believing. When someone watches your video, they’re inviting you to speak to them. So speak persuasively and with integrity.

HD Video Production


Creative concept, writing, preproduction, production,

either on location or in studio, post production:

editing, graphics, animation and sound design

Our specialties includeKaren_GreenScreen_final

Single camera shoots,

multi camera shoots,

specialty cameras:

jib, pole or steadicams,

green screen,

documentary production,

interview shoots, live event coverage

Television commercials and PSAs

Corporate and web video production

CEO address, sales, marketing, training

Television series


Sports and entertainment



Our team consists of:

Writers, directors, producers, camera crews, makeup artists, voice over artists, sound engineers

We produce and crew for television, documentaries and the internet.

Whether your company is local or has branches nationally or internationally – we’ve got you covered.

Our talented pool of crew members reside from coast to coast in Canada and beyond.

The entire creative team has a proven track record.Video Advantage logo


Phone: 905-883-5332

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